Born Arash Fahmi, acclaimed producer and DJ, Alfons is an artist that is destined for big things. Hailing from Stockholm, the young Swede’s fiercely unique style of production and wholehearted passion for his art is quite something to witness. Having taken to writing poems and books from the tender age of 11, Fahmi soon progressed to writing melodies and developing music. He worked solidly at his studies before realising it was making music that he wanted to pursue full-time - and clearly this was the right decision to make.


Taking inspiration from Jamaican culture, «Ganjaman» is undoubtedly Alfons’ biggest track to this date – with almost 100.000.000 streams on Spotify. The multitalented Fahmi struck a chord with a legion of fans with this infectious single,reaching Number 1 in Sweden and staying in the Top 10 across Poland and the Nordic countries


•120+ million streams on Spotify (total)

•175+ million views on Youtube (on the official Alfons-page)

•Triple Platinum in Sweden

•Platinum in Norway

•Gold in Denmark

•Top 30 Shazam Spain, France, Austria, Norway, Denmark.